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A racially divided city with suburbs that extend from Alabama to South Carolina. All interstates are parking lots. The northside is full of rich kids who go to expensive private schools such as Lovett, Westminster, or Pace. Most are members of a country club and drive a Mercedes or BMW to go shopping at Phipps Plaza or Lenox. The southside is ghetto.
Atlanta itself is divided into three parts:
1. Uptown/ Buckhead: Expensive Shopping, Private Schools, Mansions and Great Nightlife
2. Midtown- Atlantic Station, Fox Theater, Trendy, A lot of homosexuals, Nice Clubs
3. Downtown- Business (CNN, Coca-Cola), Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Park, Turner Field, etc.
Some readnecks are in the suburbs, but they want to be readnecks.
Full of southern baptists who go to church every Sunday and Wednesday.
Everyone in the suburbs is a religious, rich, republican. The kids have their dad's credit card and have their own SUV. Most of the parents have white collar jobs in one of the Fortune 500 companies in Atlanta or work for Delta.
The city of Atlanta is usually run by the prominent African Americans of the city. This makes the city more liberal/Democrat.
The words "pop" and "soda" do not exist....coke rules here.
There are a lot of people moving to Atlanta from the north who have finally figured out that Atlanta is the place to be. The weather is fabulous, and the people are great.
Where do you go in Atlanta: Buckhead, Midtown, or Downtown?
by awb321 July 28, 2006
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