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Literally "Okay, thanks, bye". Commonly used when short words and phrases are needed, as in when chatting and texting. Can also be used to quickly end a conversation, usually in a rude fashion.
Jane: "Hai John! Sup?"

John: "Nm, gtg, kthxbai."


Jane: "Hey John, why won't you talk to me?"

John: "Because. kthxbai."
#kthxbye #ktxbye #kthx #bai #kthnxbye
by avengergirl May 14, 2010
A word similar to "blah" used to describe a feeling of displeasure or sickness. Can be moggy or mogged.
John: "How are you today?"
Jane: "I dunno, my stomach is kind of mog..."

Joe: "Oh mog..."
Sally: "What's wrong?"

Bob: "What a moggy day."
#blah #crap #displeasure #moggy #pleasure #sick
by avengergirl January 10, 2008
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