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a genetic disorder of having a male older sibling. They have two objectives on life, one to annoy the living piss out of you, and two to protect/ teach you.
"My older brother is a total prick."

"My older brother helped me work on my spiral, now i can throw twenty yards farther."

"My older brother beat the shit out of my ex boyfriend, when he tried to rape me"
by avelmen1889 January 11, 2010
When some one is obsessed with the show Glee, a comedy about a high-school glee club, and go around spreading the 'love' of the show. people who are described as glee-whore's typically go out of there way to see the show, and force their friends to watch the show with them. Occasionally on extreme occasions they obsess about so much that in their fanboy/fangirl-esque tendency's caus them to write odd fanfiction like most other fans.
sandra, no i dont want to watch Glee you Glee-whore
by avelmen1889 January 27, 2010
a synonym for erection. usually used to tell someone that you have an erection but not as abrupt as saying " dude i have a boner"
Guy #1: Dude I have a Mr. Lincoln right now.
Guy #2: um do i care?
by avelmen1889 September 14, 2009
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