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A word used to describe an intense craving for a drug. Comes from Great Jones Street in New York City, between Broadway and Lafayette Street, a former junkie hangout.
I'm jonesin' for some coke.
by automator April 11, 2004
A prestigous public high school in the TriBeCa area of New York City requiring an entrance examination also used by Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech, taken by over 20,000 students with the top 800 or so being accepted to stuyvesant. Students are often characterized by drug usage, lack of
sleep, nerdiness, high SAT scores and physical dependency upon escalators.
"Yo, you go to stuy?"
"You's a nerd."
"What'd you get on the SAT?"
"Word. What's the integral of tan(x)?"
"-log(cos(x)). duh."
by automator April 12, 2004
A student who is not yet enrolled in a certain college, but accepted and intending to matriculate.
Hey! Look at the little pre-frosh!

My pre-frosh are coming this weekend.
by automator April 11, 2004

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