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Art drawn on Windows windows that have stopped responding by dragging another window over the dead window. Results in multiple copies of the dragged window and if dragged artistically can be very saddening when the dead window starts responding again.
- "Hey, that's some sweet Dead Window Painting you have there."
- "Ya, I hope my boss sees all the time wasted waiting for this stupid Dell Hell machine."
by austinhaws September 04, 2008
A really hard situation that is harder than any other problems ever encountered. A much more difficult circumstance than a hardship, which is more painful than just a plain difficult situation.
1 - "Man, dating 5 girls at a time is the hardestship I've ever had!"
2- "Your Public Speaking final might be hard, but that Calculus final will be the hardestship you'll ever face!"
by austinhaws December 15, 2008
A tailgating party held in an office just prior to a big game.
All Employees:
Please wear either a red or blue shirt to work on Friday in lieu of the Big Game this weekend and bring a treat for the talkgate party held from noon until three in the conference room.
by austinhaws November 20, 2008
Being so full of emotion that no emote nor combination of emotes can really express how you feel.
"Dude, I just got an iPod."

"They now have Pandora for the iPod, and it's free."

"I am emoteless"

by austinhaws August 01, 2008
When you try to find matching socks in the dryer. Oftentimes you find a sock you like but finding it's mate can take a long time of dipping in to the batch and fishing out less liked ones.
"Sorry I'm late for work. I couldn't catch a thing sock fishing."

"Honey, I'm starting more wash because the sock fishing pool has dried up."
by austinhaws March 15, 2009

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