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When a Facebook addict gets stuck for hours and hours reading friend's status updates, posting pics, searching for long lost friends, sending gifts, etc., until he or she loses all perception that the outside world exists.
Kevin told me that he spent from 9:30 PM to 3:00 AM last night stuck in an absolutely deadly Facebook Whirlpool. He forgot to eat dinner, walk the dog, and completely blew off his date.
by austinfrog February 01, 2009
A total fan of the whole American Idol experience.
An American Idolater Tivos the show, follows the contestants on the web on various fan sites, and will go see any traveling musical that a former contestant is in.
American Idolaters also know exactly how much money Simon Cowell has made from music rights, and will critique Paula Abdul's clothing and use phrases of hers in conversations.
Joe is such an American Idolater! He called me at 11:45 PM to report on the latest show news.
He's disappointed in this season's contestants, however. Not enough drama for him.
by austinfrog February 10, 2009

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