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If the use of Twitter represents "microblogging," then blogging must represent, well, "macrotweeting." Just sayin'.
by austicoatk August 13, 2010
When a large wad of cheese gets partially swallowed (often prematurely) and remains attached to its parent cheese wad inside the mouth, creating a "bungee" cord of cheese from mouth to upper esophagus. The cord can often be pulled out in-tact for entertainment purposes. Cheese bungees occur most often when eating Italian food, grilled-cheese sandwiches, or mozzarella sticks.
Person consuming gratuitously cheesy eggplant paremesan: "blughGagghCACk!!! Holy crap! I Almost choked on that cheese bungee."
by austicoatk March 29, 2010
A fart which, when trapped by a tightly tucked shirt, travels upward into the farter's shirt and escapes via shirt sleeves or neckhole.
"That was an unintentional crop dust, man. I had a vertical fart trapped in my shirt, and when I was talking to that hot chick, it leaked out of my arm holes! How embarrassing!"
by austicoatk October 04, 2011
A mixed drink cocktail consisting of virgin prune juice and inexpensive whiskey, often garnished with Fiber One bars or Uncle Sam cereal. While offering the health benefits of the Chinese summer drink "suanmeitang," The Grigsby is rivaled only by the Bloody Mary as the most popular mixed drink served during breakfast.

-1 part whiskey or bourbon (the cheaper, the better)
-2 parts prune juice
-coarsely ground high-fiber cereal for garnishing
"Dude, I got so drunk last night, I binged on, like, an entire cheese wheel. Now I'm feeling a little bound up. I need The Grigsby to put me right so I can TAKE a Grigsby."
by austicoatk September 29, 2011
An abbreviated form of the phrase, "like that." Often heard in conversation involving individuals from rural communities in The American South and Southwest.
"Hey Jessup, you ever seen a deal like 'at?"
by austicoatk October 04, 2011
A heady mix of any laxative substance and alcohol, i.e., prune juice and whiskey.
Common laxaholic beverages include The Grigsby and the effervescent Sparkling Grigsby.
by austicoatk September 30, 2011
A breakfast cocktail based on the popular laxaholic beverage, "The Grigsby," with added amounts of Club Soda or seltzer.
"I'm a big fan of the grigsby, but I'm partial to the Sparkling Grigsby, myself. Love that effervesence!"
by austicoatk September 30, 2011

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