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2 definitions by aussiepride

Another form of the word 'Lakemba", which is a suburb in sydney near canterbury, belmore and roselands. the form LEBKEMBA comes from the fact that lakemba is infested with filthy lebs who are 'proud' of their suburb.
you might see tagged somewhere, or written on some teenage lebs school bag in marker, 'lAkEmBa 2195'.

johnny: where was the shooting on the weekend?
emily: lebkemba
johnny: oh typical ! damn lebbos!
by aussiepride November 13, 2007
A term that referrs to the state of intoxication.
underrage girls from the shire use it all the time. but really they arent drunk, theyve had about half a drink and the rest is put on.
"hahahh we were so mute"
by aussiepride November 13, 2007