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The sound of men's eyes when they swivel in their sockets to look at a woman's bountiful bosom. That woman is said to have "the schoomp effect".

Unfortunate side-affects include:
- men gawking at you all night
- getting hit on constantly
- murderous stares from the women who are trying to get their boyfriend's or a hot guy's attention
A hot chick walks into the bar and every single man turns to stare at her boobs instantaneously, unable to help themselves.

The other women in the bar realise that the hot chick obvioiusly possesses the schoomp effect
by aussiechick February 22, 2012
when a chick has a cock in her mouth
shakira wouldn't take sams dick out of her mouth, she had a gobfull......
by AussieChick February 28, 2009

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