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the common term used to describe the capacity of V8 engines in holdens, generally commodores, in an imperial measurement - cubic inches, due to australia having ties to imperial measurements prior to the mid 1960s, in metric terms it equates to around 5 litres
my VT commodore has a 308 which kills VL turbos down at calder
by aussieashcroft October 09, 2007
the name of quite posibly the worst car ever sold in australia, with the exception of perhaps the datsun 120Y

its lack of styling and complete uselessness on a racing track (or at a set of traffic lights late at night) when compared to commodores highlight the general inadequecy of its straight-6 engine and boring V8
the only good falcon is a recycled falcon

my v6-commodore has a better power-to-weight ratio than your straight-6 ford

i'd rather walk than drive a falcon
by aussieashcroft October 09, 2007

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