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a boat person or refugee to Australia. Genreally only found in urban areas
bloody refos are clogging up the dole queues
by aussie bob March 07, 2005
to have kangaroos in the top paddock; to be a stubbie short of six pack; not the full quid; a nutter or person who is not of the usual intellect
that drongo Bush is a few snags short of a barbie
by aussie bob March 07, 2005
what you get from the kebab shop - whoever saw a round lamb leg three feet long? WAKE UP PEOPLE!
after 20 beers or so we all went to uncle salaams for a feed of mystery meat
by aussie bob March 07, 2005
A person of English nationality so named for their disgusting habit of only bathing once a week. See also soap dodger.
Geez the smell of that bath dodger would rot the nose hairs off a dead wombat.
by aussie bob March 03, 2005
a refo; one who arrives to Australia packed 600 to a tinny and then puts their hand out for a dole cheque
bloody boat people are clogging up all the dole queues and eating all the dogs
by aussie bob March 07, 2005
see also powerpoints, persons of an Asian pesuasion
Bloody Asians canardly see with eyes lke that
by aussie bob March 03, 2005
anyone arriving in Australia on assisted passage or as a refugee
Bloody ten bob tourists have taken over all the 7-11's.
by aussie bob March 03, 2005

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