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A place where men go to have sex with other men. Many of them are absolutely disgusting and reek of rotting semen and growing bacteria. Beware, 9 times out of 10 they are filled to the brim with people on a field trip from the aged fat people home. STD's get spread here like peanut butter on a sandwich. Most bathhouses are very dark so you can't see who's groping you or rubbing their dick up against your ass. Many people liken them to haunted houses because of the dark lighting, horrible stench, and theme rooms which include mazes, sling rooms (for sadistic freaks), glory holes, doctors offices, and creepy old men lurking around who look like sex offenders.
Naive Gay teen: I'm going to a bath house for the first time.. It sounds like so much fun! I'm gonna suck and get fucked by as many hot men as I can.

Smart Gay man: Noooo, don't go there. Ew. It will scar you emotionally, particularly since you're in shape, young, and fairly attractive. Creepy, old morbidly obese men will grope you in the middle of the dark.
#bathhouse #gay #anal sex #oral sex #homosexual #sex #std's
by audiomuse1 August 15, 2011
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