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When you prop a girl on your penis and you spin her around, while playing/singing creepy carnival music.
I gave that bitch the merry go round last night, and she was real dizzy!
by aubreydwoodsshannon March 21, 2008
1)When you're in the car, and you ride slow, and you doin' things that the girls don't do.
2)Roadhead in a convertible.
1)We were showstoppin' all through vegas!
2)I was showstoppin' this guy, and he came all over my mink bucket seats!
by aubreydwoodsshannon March 21, 2008
A female politician commonly known for busting balls and staying with unfaithful husbands.
Hillary Clinton is a nutcracker.
by aubreydwoodsshannon March 21, 2008

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