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2 definitions by atthedrive-inforever

Emo? You people really have no idea what you are talking about. This shitty band is not emo. In fact emo doesnt even really exist.
Person One: "Hey do you like emo?"
Person Two: "I hate you."
by atthedrive-inforever January 24, 2005
"...The Mars Volta, who do weird prog-shit and only have fans cos they're too scared to admit that they're listening to them simply to be cool."

You're an idiot.

Sparta are pretty good (Collapse is one of my favourite ever songs) but they fall so short of The Mars Volta's brilliance that is must be embarrasing for them.
"Hey whats that your listening to? Sounds kinda like Blink 182 doing ATD-I covers."
"Yeah, its Sparta. And by the way, The Mars Volta are gay."
by atthedrive-inforever January 24, 2005