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the act of vomitting, esp. everything you've just eaten.

the act of expelling un-food from the body.
1. Shit she just de-ate all over the rug. No, I don't mind, but now she's going to have to re-eat dinner.
by atomicdave March 27, 2004
vomit, especially of food you've just eaten

something that is de-eaten
Don't go in there. She puked. That's a whole lot of fucking un-food all over there.
by atomicdave March 27, 2004
During a gang bang featuring the appropriate ratio of guys to girls, a position that plugs up all the orifices in the person being sexed.
1. Those three guys really waterplugged that girl! Awesome.

2. Those two guys really waterplugged that guy. Gross.
by atomicdave March 27, 2004
1. weak beer.

2. american beer.
1. Coors light tastes like the can. It's fuckin water.

2. Don't give me that water.
by atomicdave March 27, 2004
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