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The City that the Brothers Love.

William Penn's Greene Countrie Towne. Philadelphia is an old, odd collection of neighborhoods. Many residents have never left their ZIP code. In fact, some of them don't even know about ZIP codes. TBH, I lived in Manayunk for 14 years and loved it. Lived in West Philly for three and it was fab.

Serviced by a good transit system if you know how to read a map. In general laid out well. Driving is an art, however this is due to people on the roads who aren't city dwellers. The city dwellers drive fine.

Some of the best restaurants on the East Coast. Fresh food everywhere. No need to eat in - cheap good food is all around you.

Best place I can think of to have home base if you have to travel a lot for work. You can leave your house unlocked for years in some 'hoods and your neighbors will watch out for you. Of course, they also know who you are sleeping with, but hey, it's a rowhouse!

Philadelphians shop at the Ac-a-me.
Did we just eat dinner in someone's living room?
Yes, what did you expect? Caesar's Palace? It's a restaurant, not a damn casino.

Can you let me off in downtown Philadelphia?
Sure, which train station?
by atomicalex April 19, 2006

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