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1. A word invented by white people for them to say nigga without pissing black people off. This word is not racial or derogatory, it is meant to be used in a positive manner.

2. Used to describe someone as a friend.

Example 1:
That's right my nugga!

Example 2:
Way to go my nugga!

Example 3:

Birdman is my nugga.
by atmag06 November 09, 2005
Anybody who gets paid a hefty sum to sit on their ass in front of a camera and give their "analyzation" of whatever sport under scrutiny. The analyzation usually consists of their own damn opinion. Most sports analysts in todays age consists of an old player of a particular sport because they either 1) need the money, 2) miss seeing their damn face on the tv screen, or 3) miss getting hot pussy with no effort.
Every mindless fuck could be a sports analyst in today's world.
by atmag06 May 28, 2005
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