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Acronym for don't disturb the beast. Ddtb is used when you're so pissed off, tired, hungry (or all of the above) that you could literally curb stomp a puppy into the ground. It's a sign of fair warning.
Lauren: Hey bro! Just had the best day everr!! How are you?

David: I haven't slept in 48 hours, ddtb.
by athreemuskette July 28, 2011
the classier way of saying eating out.

also seen as nomming on the muff or nom nomming on the muff(in).
Doe: I am extraordinarily hungry today.
Phosie: I'm not. I just ate a jar of pickles.
Brown: I know someone who isn't hungry.
Doe: Who could that be?
Phosie: Yeah, who?
Brown: Well Taco of course. He's been nomming on the muffin all night long.
by athreemuskette December 09, 2009
The sound one makes when they suck their teeth. The sound is usually made by members of the african-american community, specifically those of caribbean descent, in response to anything that annoys them.
Rebecca: Do you have my money?
Lauren: Mpstch, no.
by athreemuskette March 26, 2010

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