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Since Satan cannot always come out an ruin you lives everyday to all of you, he came up with a plan, that soon became a worldwide torture used everywhere. School.

Now, you are expected to wake up early, and even if there is a blizzard or slippery outside, we dont care.

We will give you ridiculous amounts of pointless homeworks we dont even check, and only check when you havent done it.

If you have to go use the bathroom and ask, you will be suspended. If you ask for a pencial during a quiz, you will be given a 0 for the marking period.

You will be given only the shittiest food in history, if you try to complain or write to the mayor, we will find you. and expell you.

We may say you have freedom of speech, but you in any case do not. If you opinion differs from ours then you will be severely punished.

We also do not tolerate less than 100% absence, if you are sick or hospitalized, you will be given even more work and given 0's for the days you miss. No excuses.

Our demon possessed teachers are only one of the demonic. You will be yelled at anything.

We lock our bathrooms at all times and only open them when there are people of the States coming in to inspect.

I hope you enjoy it here in the bottom-less pits of hell. We make sure to terroize and make your lives harder, and carry on the work of Satan. The work we give are manufactured and copyrighted by his demons and Satan himself.

Good Luck!
Helpless Student: Ms. Smith, I have finished all my 10 essays in our 45 minutes of our class. I have a bladder problem and really need to use the -

Teacher: NO. HOW DARE YOU ASK ME? Go back to your seat NOW.

Helpless Student: but -

Teacher: I am calling your mother, you are suspended.

Overall, schools a hell-hole. Education is good, but what the fuck? Couldnt they atleast make some benfits?
by asurvivingvictim February 20, 2010
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