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1. Of or relating to the work of webcomic artist Andrew Hussie.

2. Hussnasty Mode - An art style in the webcomic series Homestuck by Andrew Hussie where characters are depicted somewhat realistically and with noses (viz character sprites, Hero Mode).
1. {Anon.} - Alright I need an opinion on this. Most famous authors have some kind of adjective that can be used to describe any work of a similar style (i.e. Lovecraftian, Shakespearean, etc.). So what do you prefer? Hussnacious? Hussoteric? Hussonian?

{Andrew Hussie} - Hussnasty

2. - The drawing of Vriska in Hussnasty Mode made me reinterpret the way she looks.
by assoface December 04, 2010
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