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Toms River is a suburban town in Dover township thats quite large. Mostly filled with old people, mexicans, and blacks. Home of three high school: North, South, and East. NO one cares about East. Their located on the far side of town, so people forget theres even a school in their. North is full of rich, snobby people, but the most athletic of the three schools. South is the only school In the US where you wont get caught smoking a cigarette in the gymnasium and that has a cop downtown making sure you don't Jwalk.
In smaller terms, Toms River sucks. Its a pain in the ass to get from 37 east to going north on Hooper if you want to spend your friday night at the mall like everyone else does. Nothing good is in the mall, full of shoe stores and a food court that only serves international food and a dirty bathroom.
Everyone knows everyone here, even if you havent met them. We've all heard the same rumors, drama, and useless piece of information about eachother. But quite frankly, no one cares unless your looking for trouble.
There's about 1,000 neighborhoods in Toms River, not including STR, Beachwood, or Pinebeach. Home of more elementry schools then you can shit a stick at, deciding where you want your child to get a grammar school education is no easy task.
STR has more black people then Harlem. Don't walk the streets of Center Homes after 7 pm alone unless you have a shotgun, 911 on speed dial, and a black belt in karate. The only decent area of STR is the small, one-street neightbor hood across 530 off of Double Trouble Road.
Beachwood is just as bad as STR, except less blacks and more old people. If you want to look like you have money, live in one of those big, fancy houses down by the new intermediate school.
Pine Beach is less known then the other 2 areas. Half of its residents go to Central High school... maybe thats why. If you want to get killed in Pine beach, all you have to do is wear all black and lay in the middle of Motor Road at midnight on a Friday night.
What Friendleys in toms river do you want to go to?
by asshole12345 August 16, 2006

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