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30 definitions by asshole

now Istanbul, not constantinople. why did constantinople get the works? that's nobody's business but the Turks!
why they changed it
i can't say
people just liked it better that way!

we love they might be giants.
by asshole January 21, 2004
167 153
SHITTY BAND FROM LONG ISLAND they have horrible lead vocals and shitty riffs
Person 1:Hey man, lets go see that band gorikoza!
Person 2: Jesus Christ Monkey Balls, they suck!
by ASSHOLE July 24, 2004
13 3
quit your bitchin
you... kwicherbichin!
by asshole January 21, 2004
9 3
one the greatest yet underrated artists of the 90's she fuckin rocks my lesbian socks off.
and she plays bass. doesn't she rock? yes. she does.
by asshole January 21, 2004
7 3
when someone calls you every day AT THE SAME TIME to tell you meaningless bullshit thats going on in their life
friend: ay, i just made a sandwich, and it was awesome! me: i dont fucking care!!!!
by asshole February 26, 2004
5 2
n :the capital city of the republic in star wars
we are on are way to allderan
by asshole January 30, 2004
4 2
invented by my frend it meen a loser or some dumb person who thinks der smart but der not
peter ruming dat loser is a rehave
by asshole December 20, 2004
6 6