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30 definitions by asshole

invented by my frend it meen a loser or some dumb person who thinks der smart but der not
peter ruming dat loser is a rehave
by asshole December 20, 2004
this broad i was seeing last semester but now i don't cuz she's a fuckin whore and i just imagine that she's a giant walking strand of the claps and i don't wanna be around her
fuckin whore needs to quit diving between everyone's legs she meets fuckin...fuck!
by asshole January 21, 2004
a curly headed silly girl with smelly feet who never wears socks. sings all the time and loves showing off.
Brittles has a large head.
by asshole April 01, 2005
The dude that kicked my ass in every xbox live game.
FUCK! kiwikid won again.
by asshole July 20, 2004
n. Inserting one's middle finger into a woman's anal cavity and one's thumb into the same woman's vaginal cavity, then pressing them together against the walls of the corresponding oriface and snapping one's fingers. This act is usually very painful to the woman. Derivation of The Shocker.
Last night, this bitch asked me to give her the snap. My middle finger still smells like shit, dude.
by asshole March 17, 2005
satans torture for teenagers shit you don't need or want to know
chemistry is for crack heads
by asshole February 02, 2004
Short for Bug Chasing. Term popularized by an article in Rolling Stone. Activity popular among fagtards that think the eroticism in trying to get AIDS for fun is totally rad.
"You don't want to sleep with him, I hear he's into chasing."
by Asshole October 06, 2003