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Slang or short for moreno valley, a town/city in southern california's inland empireaka. "THE IE", located near riverside and san berdino. Many people chose to live there due to lower cost of homes vs. LA or orange county. Although the market has been steadly rising in the past few years, and also due to its being located only hours from most major southern california cities, such as LA or san diego. "moval" would most likely be said/used or understood only by residents of moreno valley or its neighboring cities/towns. "moval" is also slang or short for moreno valley high school. It is also a melting pot of many different cultures and backgrounds. like other southern california cities,espically rich with hispanic culture and its peoples, also home to March air reserve base, a major reserve center for most of the armed forces branches, and connecting hub for many military airlift commnad flights.
soldier1: "Damm dude i cant wait till i can go home to
moval for christmas leave!"
soldier2: "yeah i know, i'am gunna go home too."

highschool kid1:"hey! it looks like that smoke is coming
from moval!"
highschool kid2 "yeah i hope the school burns down!"
by assassin40oz November 28, 2006
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