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A clothing company that is owned by the GAP, which also owns Banana Republic. Like the GAP and Banana Republic, all of Old Navy's clothes are made in near sweatshops. Non Union factories in third world countries where workers work 14 hours a day and are not paid a living wage. Places where Old Navy clothes are made include Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Phillipines, Lesotho and Pakistan
Support Child labour! Buy old navy clothes! In the end, what use is an education?
by asredasblack January 31, 2005
n. The Free Trade Area of the Americas.

A free trade pact that would ecompass all of North, South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean.

Like NAFTA, FTAA will be pushed through as a way to boost the economy of developing countries, and improve the quality of life, but will end up serving the interests of major American corporations.
If you think NAFTA sucks, you'll hate the FTAA. This screws over people in 30+ countries, not just Canada, the US and Mexico!
by asredasblack February 17, 2005
n. Militaristic Fascist Spanish dictator from 1939 to 1975.

He led the Nationalist side for most of the Spanish Civil war, against the Republican side, which comprised of Communists and Anarchists. Aided by forces sent by Hitler and Mussolini, and by the backstabbing Communists, The Nationalists won the war in April of 1975.

Franco's reign of terror was marked by oppression and routine disappearances. Political opponents were often executed, and the brutal Guardia Civil was omnipresent.

To this day, Franco is remembered as the destroyer of inherant proof that an Anarchist society is possible. (The Anarchists managed to organize most of North Eastern Spain into efficient worker-controlled collectives. With the end of the Civil war, authoritanarianism was established.)
Franco was a prick who destroyed probably the best organization in the last century.
by asredasblack February 14, 2005
Neo Conservative, extreme right wing billionaire, who has a huge media empire that includes establishments like CNN, AOL, Time Magazine, TBS and more.
Unlike other sources of far right propaganda, Turner cloaks his messages under a thin veil.
Ted Turner is an aristocratic fatcat.
by asredasblack February 04, 2005

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