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When cats, mainly related or at least of the same household, wrestle and roll around on the floor. In a somewhat violent manner. Resembles a rodeo event, but for cats.
Could also be two cute, young girls scrapping it out, maybe on the school yard or on the dance floor of some "trendy" nightclub where too many Ed Hardy wearing "doods" and douche-bags whip the young nubiles into a Jager-induced frenzy.
Dog person: Look! Your cats are tearing each other up!

Cat person: Relax, it's just a bit of kitty rodeo. Probably just a full moon out.

Ed Hardy wearing moron A: Bra'! Look at those pop-tarts go at it on the floor! Looks like a Kitten Rodeo!

Ed Hardy wearing moron B: Yeah! It's great! I can see that one girrrls snatch, she isn't wearing panties!

EHWM A: Tru dat!
by aspman November 28, 2009
When a female presses her breasts up against a window, ususaly from within a car, or from a deck where a hot tub is in use. Giving the viewer on the other side of the glass a view of her pressed tits. The effect is similar to a "presses ham" where you'd see ass instead of tit.
1. A girl presses her breasts to the sliding glass deck door, from the hot tub side.
Zoe: Look! Lisa's got her tits up against the window!

Donna: Oh. My. God! She's got such great tits!

Greg: Now that's what I call some nice mashed potatoes!

Zoe and Donna, together: That's brilliant!

2. Delayed effect.
Did someone give the window a mashed potato? There's nipple prints on the glass.

3. Observed at the bar.
Her top was so tight as to give the impression that her tits were like mashed potatos.
by aspman November 28, 2009
When your lover kisses you with a mouthful of wine, preferably champagne, and passes you a sip; thus a French sip.
She drank from her champagne glass, kissed me and gave me a French Sip.
by aspman September 23, 2015

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