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a lovely city on the east coast of scotland
very popular place for tourists to visit as it contains a lot of site of historic interest.
Dundee contains 2 major univeristies - The University of Dundee, and The University of Abertay!
There is a hospital called Ninewells hospital there and it is pioneering in the search for a cure for cancer.
Dundee has beautiful veiws out on the river tay.
People from Dundee are called Dundonians.. this is sometimes changed to Scumdonians by people who are retarded.
The dialect spoken there is Dundonian, and it is very similar Glasweigen apart from with a differnt accent obviously!
common dundonian words are

cannae- can't
dinnae - dont't
wilnae - won't
baffies - slippers
cundies - drain
cuddy - horse
cunt - friend
doon - down
toon - town
mulk - milk
awa - away
tae - to
e.g. awa and shite ya dobber mon doon here and git it yersel
= away and shite you dobber come on down here and get it yourself:)
see that scumbag - she's fae dundee
by asparagus October 12, 2006
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