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Spanish Decent,Plain race, No heavy characteristics. Generally brown eyes brown hair milk white complexions to light a thin brown. NON-ORIENTAL EYS,Head hieght twice as long as head width, or also called a full Head, unlike asian whose head hieght is 1.5 to 2 of head width, caucasian is at least head head 2 time larger than head width symmetrical. Blonde are also white even though originally unmix have yellow skin, blue eye, yellow hair, may also have freckles, but anyone other race that has these feature doesn't make you a blonde person, so blondes are called white for simplicity sake as well, THIS IS THE WHITE RACE
White mexican include and european decent If caucasian has oriental eyes they are not really seen as white. If your parents are " brown" or your sibling, chances are your not considered white, have may even consider a white mexican as different ethnicity as you.
by asone2 October 10, 2006
blonde race( Not really considered a race) and southern europeans are seen as the same race, only differ in variation
Blonde race is not really a race but a variation of the caucasian race and even though many and originally may not have white skin( like a brown white boy)but yellow, they are still called white for simplicity
by asone2 October 10, 2006
mexican american war 1, was WHITE VS WHITE war, EX-Mexican states was a spanish advancement and not an Indian decent.
mexican today are caucasian are just mixed, seen as just mexicans since many have oriental eyes or stocky, if you ever consider a white mexican in the past to be white, nothing has changed they are still consiered to be part of the white race.mexican american war 1
by asone2 October 10, 2006
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