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When a chick seeks out a cock because of the guys social status rather than it's pleasure and or emotional attachment.
Dude there's no way Sue will come over tonight to our mini party, she's all about that status cock!
by ask-one December 17, 2010
A sex game played between a male and female. The male uses a Fruit Roll up as a condom as he preforms intercourse on the female. The first one to ejaculate has to eat left overs of said Fruit Roll up.
-"Dude I was totally fucking this sexy freak last night"
+" How do you know Broseph?!"
-"She asked me if I wanted to play The Fruit Roll Up!!"
by ask-one October 23, 2010
After an epic party one goes home with a fat chick in a green shirt. One then finds a ride home on a homeless man's grocery cart whilst giving or receiving oral sex to the fat chick. Once arrived at the apartment the skinny male proceeds to fuck the shit out of the fat bitch while she is on all fours. Then proceed to take off the chick's green shirt and stretch it out in front of her face like a green screen. WHile continuing to rail the shit out of this poor girl the skinny dude starts telling shitty jokes and tries to proclaim he is not gay.
Dude my deep V neck shirt didn't get me any hot vagina, tonight. I guess i'll just do the tosh.0
by ask-one September 27, 2010

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