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1. lying down in a ten then haveing it fly off

2. hitting someone

3. having sex

4. doing cocaine

5. eating

6. smoking mj

7. harry potter
-reading it
-sound the wand makes in it
-bonk bean

8. soda flavor

9. beach bonk (game)

10. pet name

11. term of endearment

12. number right before infiniti

13. type of bell

14. polka dot

15. horn

16. catch phrase used by a failed t.v. star from new york

17. porn

18. gum flavor

19. clothing apparel

20. shape similar to a circle

21. hairstyle

22. method of making books

23. variation of PUNK'd

24. a newly dicovered body part

25. job title

26. variation of "thats what she said"

27. newly discovered planet

28. type of party

29. restaurant

30. anime

31. award given to weavers

32. product endorsed by billy maze

33. alternate name for the snuggie

34. method of walking

35. interpretive dance style

36. baby carrot

37. another word for epic phail

38. a curse word

39. a pad of paper

40. a certain shape of a certain type of nose

41. alcoholics anonymous

42. getting a boner

43. person jumping inside of a computer

44. act of chewing ones finger nails

45. newly discovered bodily fluid

46. a person limping

47. a cell phone

48. switching up words

49. moving furniture

50. accesopry for cookies such as chocolate chips, etc.

51. type of injury

52. forgetting something was already there

53. brain fart

54. brain fart

55. chocolate covered strawberry

56. the act of using melted chocolate during sexual activities

57. symbol of freedom

58. another term for "the stuff"

59. orange and strawberry flavored gelatin like substance located in the center of cheap valentines day chocolate

60. extinct animal

61. general description for general women

62. type of dinosaur

63. infamous t.v. series from the 90s

64. an instrument (unicorn/saxaphone/drumset)

65. type of laughter

66. leaf blower

67. species of manatee

68. messup something you borrowed

69. defective cure for cancer

70. retarded penguin

71. sanwich inluding yellow american cheese, grape jame, and cream cheese, enclosed by semi toasty rye bread

72. appearance of jack black in a movie or on t.v.

73. following a trend

74. someone who has two first names

75. having your whole life be a musical

76. a person with a heart shaped birthmark

77. fat man on a golf cart

78. expensive cheap merchandise

79. red marks left on your legs by your elbows, due to you leaning on them for extended periods of time

80. when you say goodbye to someone, but continue going the smae direction, which creates an awkward moment.

81. and erection lasting longer than four hours

82. the theory that all teachers have at leaast one topic, other than the subject they teach, that they talk about all the time

83. the feeling you get of superiority when you feel intelligent for using large words you assume most others would not come up with, but you remain non chalant O.O

you are such a boink, i told you not to bonk that bonk or i would bonk.

lets so grab some bonk at the bonk!

if i bonk the bonks will they become a bonk!
by asian_lemons February 20, 2009

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