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To go through the process of combing through coat pockets, couch cushions and scraping the bottom of long abandoned purses in search for change and singles you can scrap together in order to accumulate enough funds for a specific business venture (ie.: a double cheeseburger from mickey d's or a strawberry slush from Sonic)
-"Hey Ash can you go to the movies tonight?"

--"Hold on let me go harvesting before the rents get home."
by ashweelizziebeff February 27, 2011
A popular variation for MTV's hit t.v. show "Sixteen and Pregnant".
Tweet: #nowwatching sixteen and stupid
by ashweelizziebeff February 27, 2011
1.Trish Trash sometimes used in the form Tresh Trash. Used to refer to something or someone who is country, lacking class, or is without a proper upbringing.

2. to be belligerently drunk.
"Did you see Megan's camo bikini?" She has a camo bikini...thats just trish trash."

"Be careful hanging around those girls...trish-trash can turn on you without warning"

"Dude you were trish-trash last night you tried to punch Katie"
by ashweelizziebeff February 27, 2011
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