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3 definitions by ashtray257

when your taking a leak in pubs or clubs urinals in and around solihull and u realise the geeza next to is peaking at ur penis.
hey dudes think penis peaker mikey is on the prowl again i was just taking a piss and there he was peeking on me. he had his phone out this time taking a picture.
by ashtray257 October 10, 2006
when u pull a scratcher and take her home after a night on the town with the boyo's.
god that scratcher i was lady riding lastnite was a hound.
by ashtray257 October 10, 2006
Tight Cunt= when someone is being extremly tight and never pays there way.
Oi Micheal Heaven get your wallet out you tight cunt.
your round for the drinks you tight cunt
by ashtray257 October 04, 2006