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1. cutting your main canopy away and releasing your reserve canopy when skydiving

2. quitting your job, ditching your home or apartment, and moving to join a small, specific group of people in order to live and/or work in the sport of skydiving
1. I had spinning line twists and could not kick out of them so I cut away my main.

2. I cut away from my life to live on the drop zone.
by ashproh December 06, 2011
1. a skydiver who hasn't cut away and only comes out to the drop zone when the weather is nice enough to jump

2. a weekend warrior who skydives when the weather permits
1. my friends have 9 to 5 jobs and kids so they are fair weather flyers

2. my dad works during the week and jumps on the weekend if its nice out. he's such a fair weather flyer
by ashproh December 07, 2011

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