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The area of land inhabited between the towns Screven and Odum, Georgia.
"Hey, you want to take the fourwheelers and a forty down to Scrodum and have a good time?"
by ashleygemini May 11, 2009
The intoxicated state the majority of the world are in on new years Eve, which blurs the old year and new one together.
LITTLE GIRL: daddy where was I made?
DAD: well your mother and I made you somewhere in the middle of decembuary I'm pretty sure.

DAD: uhh... You were made in heaven, yeah and the stork brought you here.
by ashleygemini May 11, 2009
The imaginary place created for the snobby people in downtown Philadelphia who act like they are somewhere glamorous like LA.
GUY 1: "Hey girl!"
*no answer*

GUY 1: "Stuck-Up bitch ignored me."
GUY 2: "Nah, man I don't think she heard you. She looked like she was in LAdelphia to me."
by ashleygemini May 11, 2009
Synonym for gynecologist.
"Dude, my sister went to the labiatrician yesterday and it turns out she had the funk!"
by ashleygemini May 11, 2009
Completely unusual or weird.(Spawn of fucked up.)
"that guy's face is defunctified." "this food tastes defunctified"
by ashleygemini May 11, 2009

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