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(japense, anything) Its a Secret, straight from xellos to you
person: Nani?
you: sore wa himitsu desu!
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
(to answer anything)Usually said when to tired to justify the person who bothered you with an answer. Or to tired to form words in general and this comes in its place.
random person: how was your day today
your response: ugh...
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
1) the act of tieing anyone to a chair and sicking a million rabid mongooses to come and slowly eat there flesh off there bones.
2) being forced to watch every epiosode in english AND in norwegean of teletubies.
3) to beat the person you have tied down sensless with a 10 pound bass (fish) and then set their eyebrows on fire
4) catholic school
you: This is torture!
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
1) something that was made up for a childs purpose of amusement, usually invovleding knights, dragons, fairys, and things of the like.
2) something humans call when they cannot possibly ever comprehand and since thusly fearing it so they call it to a fairytale.
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
a mathematical term meaning: half of infinity that goes on infinatly but its only half of what you perseve even though it still goes infinatly. meaning even though its half of infinity it still goes infinatly so can be treated the same ^--^
1/2 (insert infinity symbol) x antiquity = you got one HELL of problem.
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
1)merely a perception
2)einstiens theory would be that if you closed your eyes and wished with all your might that it would go away, and its stil there then thats reality.
better example, whats reality? hehehe
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
(anything) 1) the act of winning anything and screaming this someonces face
2) being a soup nazi and this being your only sentence
you win an argument: NO SOUP!
by Ashleii December 01, 2002
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