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being jealous but feeling so jealous ur filled with jelly
im so jellyful of ur big pot of gold!!
by ashitx October 19, 2009
a mix of jen...jennifer...and fur. its pronouce like the same way, but COOLARRR!!
J: Yea, my names JENFUR!!
Teacher: Wth...
J: So yea, you can ttly call me Jenfur...since thats, ya kno...my name.
Teacher: Thats...interesting *shakes head*
by ashitx October 21, 2009
a mix of jesus, poo, geez, with an *ee (y) in the middle.
*someone attacks a friend from behind*
friend: JEEZYPOO!
someone: what did you say?!?
friend: u scared me to death!! what was i supposed to say?
someone: ...did you just say jizzypoo??
by ashitx October 21, 2009
like nausea, the feeling, but like ..called naushie
J: are yoo naushie??
A: *nodds head uncomfortably*
J: *runs away in fear*
by ashitx October 21, 2009
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