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The classic unicorn known to mankind. It resembles a horse, is usually white and has a long thin twisted shiny cone growing out of its forehead. real unicorns are so mystical they only exist in certain drawings that resemble happy bridges with facial hair and several extra legs.
<B> OMIGOD what is that bridge-thing?
<A> its a real unicorn.
<B> arent unicorns like hors../
<A> shhhhh... you dont understand. those are non-unicorns.

by ash........ketchum April 12, 2008
a (hopefully temporary...but probably not) religious status on facebook in which the member wishes to capture the unicorn of her life but will most definitely never able to since he is in love with someone (or something) else. being part of this religion truly sucks. Commonalities: denial, hopefullness, ever-so declining self confidence and potential insanity.
Religious Views: unicornism.

I love him but he doesnt love me. I only have him as my unicorn, not that i would want to own him or anything.. awkward....

story of my life.
by ash........ketchum April 12, 2008

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