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mother i would like to fuck "off" : opposite meaning to milf , an effective way to point out an ugly old minga
fuck me look at this milfo..................jog on sweetheart !!!!!
by ash the fingermaster December 28, 2009
a girl that will do whatever she can to avoid any contact with spunk on her face or in her mouth in extreem circumstances the tits , ass , back of neck and hair can also be included !
dude she's comeshy dont buy her a drink !! its worth getting her mate one though she guzzles like a goodun huh huh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ash the fingermaster December 28, 2009
a term used to describe a girl after an extreem facial come shot ,gasping for breath as a mudskipper fish does when on land
she was a mudskipper last night my pockets were full !!!
by ash the fingermaster December 26, 2009
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