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noun and adjective : a woman who had systemmatically jumps from mam to man. Syn: A ho, a ripper, a skank
Oooh, that girl been bus stopping with 10 dudes lately
by Shadyberry May 26, 2005
An old-skool disco dance.
A group of girls would form a line and do a coordinated dance routine to the song 'Bus Stop'. Looked cool for one year but tragic ever since.
I'm old enough to remember them doing the Bus Stop in the nightclubs.
by Ray Babycakes July 18, 2006
Titties + Twat in your face for $1.
Let's go to the Bus Stop, dude.
by CG February 20, 2004
A safe haven for like-minded rationalists to enjoy thoughtful discourse as well as emotional support; an escape from the judgemental eyes of the shiny-happy world.
Tired of everyone's bullshit attempts to try to save you? Come to the bus stop and hang out with some real people, bid farewell to others catching a bus, and maybe even schedule a bus ride for yourself.
by ASH September 21, 2004
The Place where woman rub their clits and eat greasy food.
" That Ho Trish went to the bus stop, my bro said she was doin that imbarrising shit again!"
by BDiddy51791 August 17, 2007
The smell from a little kid who had peed themself in the middle of the night, you don't know until you smell them for the first time.
Ooh, dang kid! You smell like a bus stop.
by UncleRichie November 19, 2008
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