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1 definition by asfsddsffsdfasd

listen. Bam Margera is NOT A GOOD SKATER!!! why the fuck would anyone even think hes good?! the best trick ive ever seen him do is a disaster. wow, theres so many other skaters that actually deserve recognition. in my city, theres a 14 year old that can kickflip out of manual dwn a 3 block. bam margera doesnt even know what a 3 block is. all he does is hurt people and rip off companies and ideas just because hes too much of a braindead douchebag to think of his own shit.
poser: OMG!!! in my american wasteland game, i just saw Bam Margera do a kickflip on a curb that looked really scary!!!
me: wow i can do a kickflip dwn a curb. hes a douche. now... bring me some popcorn.
by asfsddsffsdfasd July 12, 2006