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13 definitions by asdfsa

Any cannabis (marijuana) that is smuggled into the country, tends to come from mexico. It is of extremely low quality because: it was badly grown and/or has been impregnated (or, it was schwag to begin with) , it is dried way the hell out by the sun, then compressed and flattened into bricks, for ease of smuggling . All of the activities aformentioned cause the plant to lose THC. And by the time anyone is stupid enough to buy it, its got about 2%-3% THC. And when smoked, it tastes like shit, it harsh on your lungs/throat and will generally take 15-25 hits to actually feel a goddamm buzz.
Any real smoker would rather have a dimebag of White Widow than a kilo of brick bud.
by asdfsa September 17, 2006
The greatest drummer to have ever walked the earth, hands down.
Buddy is the reason why 95% percent of drummers started playing. Myself included.

(look him up on drummerworld.com)
I saw a Buddy Rich video when I was about 4 years old, I've been playing ever since.
After these 15 years that percussion has been in my life, I still look up to him as my god.
by asdfsa November 25, 2007
When you open your car window and shout something insulting or meaningless to random pedestrains, best performed with 1.-a driver; 2.-passenger to yell and 3.- someone in the back getting the whole thing on film. Turns out unbeleivably funny if done right.
*father and 4 yearold daughter walking down street*
Driveby insult guy: THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS SANTA CLAUS!!!!

*guy unloading signs from pickup truck*

those are drive by insults
by asdfsa September 09, 2006
The post 9-11 United states.
Once a prosperous nation, now a debt ridden police state. After Bush's illogical foreign policy pissed off the entire world, the tragedy of 9-11 happened. And then our freedoms were reaped via the patriot act and similar laws and acts, thus turning the US into a police state. The most ironic part is that those laws were passed to 'protect the liberties of the American people', it really makes you think.

Soon after, for no reason, George catapulted the US into an illegal oil war. That costs 7 trillion dollars to maintain . And you're paying for it.

Thank you Mr. President
by asdfsa August 18, 2007
1-insanely incedible movie about racism in LA
2-crashing, eg: a car/bike/motorcycle/
3-what happens if after, A., how you feel if you do alot of drugs over a long period of time and then suddenly cease it all or b- the comedown of any 'hard' drug
4- suddenly falling asleep
1- "officer, please write a report about how shocked I am to be hit by an asian driver"
2-"FUCK! I crashed my car/bike/motorcycle and now Im a quagraplegic;FUCK!"
3-A"I smoked bud everyday for a mont and a half, then i ran out and crashed; now Im paranoid 24/7 and an insomniac
3-B the heroin user is always really depressed and feels shity after his high goes away;because the brain is reacting to the chemical imbalance of dopeamine in his system
4- "after the 2 hour hockey practice, I crashed in my bathroom,dammit
by asdfsa September 09, 2006
Something that a typical Texan will say...anyone "messing" with Texas is an impossibality because states are not allowed to have conflicts with other states let alone foreign countries...you dumbshits
"Don't mess with Texas!"
"go back to Grade school!"
by asdfsa October 07, 2006