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The most common picture of a bogan is: with a tatty black hat, either on their head or rolled up in their back pocket, a shoulder length mullet, a black muscle tee with what they call 'artful' rips and tears, tight black jeans, worn away at the knees, steel capped boots, which have seen too many years of use, so the leather has worn away and you can see the rusty metal underneath. They can either be very tanned, or pale, this is a sign of whether they spends their time working on their 1980s Holden in their garage, or on their front lawn. If you cannot find them working on their car, this is because their wife has pulled them away from it, and in this case they can be found lounging on their tatty couch, watching rugby/cricket, with a beer in one hand, remote in the other, and somehow juggling this so they can scratch their gut, groin or head. Please note that all their clothing is black, either because they were bought this way, or because after the multitude of years that they have been used they are to grease and oil stained to look any different. In New Zealand, you can generally find Bogans in either the Hutt Valley or West Auckland
Mannn did you see that bogan?
by asdfreii March 20, 2004
A place in Wellington, New Zealand, which is inhabited by Bogans or Posh Groupies
Man see all the Bogans cruising in their Holdens out Hutt way?
by asdfreii March 20, 2004
Rap group featuring Mareko,Savage, Alfrisk and Abollo from New Zealand
More than meets tha eye...Deceptikonz will fuk u up,cut u up bad-More than meets the eye....
by asdfreii December 02, 2003
Excllent rapper from New Zealand
Stop,Drop and rolllll
by asdfreii December 02, 2003
Band slang for Guitar
'Man did you hear my finger tapping on my gat?'
by asdfreii March 20, 2004

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