1 definition by asdfghjkl21

a suburb right outside of portland, Oregon
you might be from west linn if you see..

1)stretched hummer limos, range rovers, bentlys, Escalades

2)we have a starbucks on every block

3)you either see a kid with an iphone, or a juicy

4)when people hear westlinn, they ask if you rich and you try and avoid the question

5)academically, our schools are best in state

6)the most crime that happens is kids sneaking out past curfew and makes the local paper under the police calls

7)our best hang out spot is safeway and we try to make the most fun out of it

8)even though kids do drugs no one seems to find out

and the scary part is, this is all true..
by asdfghjkl21 December 16, 2008

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