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One who believes it's wrong to eat meat and byproducts of animals, but thinks they're a vampire in the traditional sense.

See Deadgod.
Wow, that fucktard deadgod says he is a vampire but won't touch animal meat.
by asdf August 22, 2003
Driving While Female: Driving horribly because you are female.
That girl almost ran me off the road, she should be arrested for a DWF
by asdf April 19, 2003
The Christian- prefix on any musical genre stands for the employment of that particular genre as a means for brainwashing. Fortunately the makers of Christian- music usually do not understand the genre they are trying to emulate and do a very poor job.
Christian-Music, Christian-Rock, Christian-Rap, Christian-BongoSitarYodelHarmonicaEuphoniumGroove
by asdf October 13, 2008
a Canadian family name
"The loranger's were proud Canadian mounties"
by asdf December 31, 2004
frikin awesome definition guy that either reads the dictionary or fucks so many smart chicks that the smartness from them goes to him and therefore becomes smart
a collaquianism of a president WTF HAHAHAH
by asdf October 05, 2004
A CD containing vital game files and fixes for popular games such as Counter-Strike, UT2003, etc.

Must be pronouced with strong infliction, straining the voice with a pseudo ghetto rise in pitch.
Hit me up with the CS supAdISCK!
by asdf January 20, 2004
male butt hugger; licker of monkey testicles
Geehi please stop abusing my helper monkey.
by asdf April 23, 2003
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