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The cool kids at school who have big houses, cool cars like an Escalade, and wear name brand clothing like Abercrombie & Fitch. They makefun of or just ignor losers, goth's, and nerd's, and the bitchy
freaks go tell the principal. Popular kids go to all the cool parties. THey are the kids everyome wants to hangout with.
Lunch time at a high school.

Popular Guy (talking to GF) - Hey babe, do you want to go shopping at A&F tonight?

Popular Girl - Yeah, then we can go parking, what car do you want to bring, Your Escalade or my Mustang?

Popular Guy - The Escalade, it has more room to bounce around.

A goth walks over to there table.

Goth - Have you seen my black pet ferret running around here?

Popular Girl - OMG Get away from me, you ugly goth loser.

Popular Guy - Why don't you go do something like cut holes in your stomach or drink blood or something, because my girlfriend is getting upset and when she gets upset I get Pissed and beat the shit out of losers like you.

Goth - You are just Popular because you are rich and good looking!

The Goth runs to his house and finds a spell book.

Late that night when the popular kids are makeing love in their Escalade they knock over an Abercrombie & Fitch Bag full of cloths, witch knoks the car out of park. The SUV rolls down the street and hertles over a cliff.
by asdefghjkl July 05, 2005

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