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In business, something (an idea, or plan, usually) set up to be knocked down. It's the dangerous philosophy of presenting one mediocre idea, so that the listener will make the choice of the better idea which follows.
It backfires with some frequency, as the listener (out of sheer perversity) will insist on the straw dog.
by Arunabh Das April 22, 2004
the culture of the USA
americana is also an album by Offspring
by Arunabh Das March 08, 2004
A long sales pitch by a person who wants to sell you on an idea or convince you about what kind of person he is. Usually used for picking up chicks or selling you car insurance.

See also shtick
If you want to get some, you have to have a to start with a good opener and follow it up with a good shpiel.
by Arunabh Das February 20, 2009
Refers to an economy where no one has a "real" job. Everyone has "gigs", i.e. short-term contracts for doing things with no benefits or pension plans.
Tina Brown refers to the economics of the new economy as gigonomics in her column on The Daily Beast.
by Arunabh Das January 25, 2009
Wherever there is a big candidates' debate there is Spin Alley. After the debate, journalists have to write stories, produce TV packages. For this they need quotes and authorized knowers who can talk on camera.

There to provide such are the spinners: hired guns, stand-ins, soulmates who agree to meet the press after the debate to explain why their candidate "won." Of course this is a verdict known in advance; however that fact too is known in advance, so no one really minds. Spin Alley will live again in whatever large, air-conditioned room is next designated for the ritual. Unless it's stopped.
After the debate, I took the press shuttle back to the media center -- and to the small section therein blatantly designated "Spin Alley," ringed on three sides by bare-bones makeshift broadcast platforms and stuffed to capacity with reporters, camera crews and politicos. Everywhere you looked there were clusters of media people surrounding spinners and surrogates, whose names were printed on laminated red signs held high above the crowd by aides. I felt like I was standing in the middle of one of my own damn cartoons come to life.
by Arunabh Das April 24, 2005
The Afghanistan-Pakistan problem. This is term used by the U.S. to refer to the war-on-terror in Afghanistan-Pakistan border region. The general consensus amongst political pundits is that there is not a separate strategy that needs to be followed for dealing with Pakistan and for dealing with terrorism in Afghanistan but that there must be a unified approach known as the Afpak Approach.
Hillary Clinton is going to take care of Afpak fo shizzle.
by Arunabh Das January 25, 2009
The version of the world wide web that exists "n" years from now, where n is a very large number and internet marketeers have still not been able to come up with a new buzzword to market crap to you online so they decided to go with n.0
where n = whatever version of the www that they claim exists at the time
I need to update my site to make it look more enpointo, yo!
by Arunabh Das February 01, 2009

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