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a really sad, clown looking wannabe rapper from the (he misrepresents) south. who primarily sings for kids 16 and under who (like him) are wannabes. who should not be singing at all even in his mom's own bathtub. how he dresses and sings. don't to pay close attention to his lyrics. they are utterly senseless and stupid from the very beginning. a poser at its finest. whoever writes his songs shouldn't get even a quarter for them. if he writes them himself... poor kid.. really... that's sad.
kid: crank dat soulja boy!!! (singing)

older brother: stands up slaps younger kid in the mouth.

kid: starts crying and asks why u hit me.. umma tell dad

older brother: don't let me catch you singing that gay-ass shit again, go tell dad... he'll do the same.
by artwizi March 27, 2008
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