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The most realistic name for a dolphin. Based on the fact that dolphins are complete and utter cunts who know something that we don't but are clever enough to let us know they know something without actually telling us.

In land terms the only thing as cunty as a dolphin is Teddy Sheringham, ex-Spurs footballer.

Dolphins are the Sheringhams of the water, therefore 'Water Sheringhams'.
Look at that Bottlenosed Water Sheringham herding that unfortunate swimmer out to sea where they will be eaten by sharks.


How can we sink that enemy submarine? I know, let's strap a bomb to a Water Sheringham and teach it to explode when they get close enough.
#dolphin #porpoise #mammal #cunt #bottlenosed #flipper #jewphin
by arseblog July 31, 2009
The period of time between Premier League games due to players going away on international duty.

There is, essentially, a lull due to internationals. Therefore 'Interlull'
"Oh man, this Interlull is so boring I think I might hack off one of my toes just for the want of something to do"


"I am spending my time during this Interlull praying that none of our players comes back with an injury or a dose of spina bifida or anything"


"The only way to cope with an Interlull is to go out and beat a water sheringham to death"
#interlull #football #interlul #boredom #tedious uefa crap
by arseblog September 02, 2009
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