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The most disgusting sex act ever, involving many illegal acts of beastiality, knives, amputee victims, rotten fruit, a q-tip, acid, a decomposing human body, a cow ready for milking, a glass of goat milk, a skeet shooter, a milky way bar covered in vasoline, two male jellyfish, a pint of uranium, a gallon of month old urine, a cactus, monkey hair, a beaver dam, a deer with a beaver inside of it, a human fetus (with umbilical cord attatched) a dozen ostrich eggs, a blender, 14 men, 2 women, a sheet of plastic 10 ft wide/ 30 ft long, powdered sugar, cocaine, a turniquate, and many more parts shall be added.

Attempted many times but never succeeded, many deaths, illegal in all 50 states including puerto rico, not allowed by Geneva Convention.
The myans once attempted the taco tango, and they are all dead now.
by arrested October 05, 2009

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