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The arrogant asshole personnel who make up an organizational staff and have a general propensity to abuse their position when dealing or associating with others, often due to their perceived status, assumed power as part of their position led by incompetence. Frequently associated with incompetent local, state and federal representative offices and similar bureaucracies. Unaccountable, faceless and blameless in nature, yet consistenly blame and bitch at everyone else. These will often be the first individuals to promote a positive blog entry for their self-serving bosses, when the general public is ready to put some of their flesh on the yardarm.
Make a call to a politicians office to voice a concern or request (such as ANY Keli-fornia state ass-embly or spend-a-tor) you'll often be greeted by a Staffhole who will avoid answering/discussing the original topic and then insult you by letting you know how really insignificant your needs are. Oh, and don't dare to bother them again. They KNOW who you are.
by arotrhd June 19, 2009
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